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It all started WITH gANDHI'S economics of permanence - swadeshi

For Gandhi, the spirit and soul of India rested in the village communities. He said, "The true India is to be found not in its few cities, but in the seven hundred thousand villages. If the villages perish, India will perish too." Swadeshi is a program for long-term survival. (Source: Gandhi's Swadeshi)

Fast forward to the present. World population is estimated to reach 9 Billion within 10 years and, under the current centralized power system, extraordinary strain will be put on all parts to survive and absolutely precludes any potential to thrive. Thus the concept of 350K Villages has emerged: to reset the global economic pattern to create and support 350K locally co-reliant independent communities of ~25K members each.

By developing communities which shift from the wealth-creating pattern of Centralized/Exclusive/Distant to Decentralized/Inclusive/Local, there is more than enough for all as waste is transformed to wealth through local transacting of opportunity. Keep the spend local and you keep the wealth local. 

Gandhi's vision of Swadeshi is amplified through technology which allows coordinated action at a speed which was unimaginable in his time, yet a defining element of ours, allowing the vision of 350K Villages to become a reality.