Community Stakeholders Key to Thriving Community

The Community Stakeholder is key to a thriving community.

The model of sustainable community development is changing from one of shareholders (generally driven by monetary capital) to one of stakeholders (engaging the full spectrum of community wealth) for the purpose of producing the individual and mutual well-being of all the participants, in an ongoing way.

Who are community stakeholders? They are generally defined as people, groups, organizations or businesses that have interest or concern in the community. Stakeholders can affect or be affected by the community's actions, objectives and policies. Some examples of key community stakeholders are residents, community groups, developers , government workers (and the agencies they represent), business owners, neighborhood leaders, commission members and other groups from which the community draws its resources.

As communities come together to define their shared future, individual stakeholders need a powerful new story thatthey are a part of the community and not separate from it. This story must properly situate people in their communities—neither isolated from each other by virtue of our proscribed history, nor overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of reclamation due to lack of experience. We are equal partners with all that exists, co-creators with leaders both visible and invisible, wisdom both remembered and forgotten, and the imaginal cells in all of us awaiting awakening, in a materially, intellectually and spiritually evolving community identity.

As community stakeholders we find that the time has now come for us to step up and co-create a Community Stakeholder Alliance, which by virtue of its urgency and local character compares favorably with the standard of the earliest contracts between us and our places.

The aims of the Community Stakeholder Alliance are:

  • To understand, explore and share our Community’s history and future.
  • To express the honesty, truthfulness and ethics we wish to associate to our Community.
  • To clearly reflect the story of the Community in the projects we support in thought, word and deed.
  • To combine the demand for solutions with modern knowledge of health, wealth and Community well-being.
  • To promote storytelling and sharing that offers solutions which respect the ecological/economic balance required for a diverse, sustainable thriving community ecosystem.
  • To promote solutions that encompass diversity, equity, inclusion and a sound production process in our Community.
  • To identify, engage, activate and support existing and emerging portals and pathways for community engagement
  • To leverage technology to combine the best in grassroots solutions with global actions.
  • To engender, engage and promote Community co-reliance with regional sharing of community-driven solution portals.
  • To join forces with community representatives, other storytellers, economists, futurists, scientists, researchers, teachers, politicians and authorities on this project for the benefit and advantage of everyone in the Community ecosystem.

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