Full Spectrum Projects

Thriving Community Solutions is committed to exploring our core mission of working with communities to move from a place of 'spending to survive' to 'investing to thrive'. We work with a wide variety of communities to co-create an inclusive model of sustainability which not only acknowledges the complexity of community, but seeks out new platforms and inclusive pathways for shared wellbeing.



As we live longer, it is imperative to activate more folks to embrace a healthier lifestyle, because, we also want to live better. It’s a simple plan: create an adaptive community engagement space where individuals become healthier, recommitted to developing communities that are inclusive, accessible and thriving. TCS Services:

  • Relationship Capital
  • Community Stakeholder Map
  • Community Stakeholder Alliance
  • Product Development


The Infinite Seed is a multi-platform exploration of climate change built around the story of the Svalbard Seed Vault in the Arctic Circle. The film begins 100 years in the future in a village where the shared wellbeing of all is tied to the story of a group of individuals who must come together for shared purpose, in other words, a community. TCS Services: 

  • Relationship capital
  • Community Stakeholder Map
  • Community Stakeholder Alliance



The Community & Wealth Academy is an online portal to identify, share, engage and sustain the natural knowledge capital of individual community members and the community as a whole for a shared actionable commitment to community wellbeing and generational thriving. The connection starts online connecting knowledge capital holders to each other with the purpose of developing wisdom capital to invest in the local community for a thriving future.